Datasets About Anycast Enumeration

This web page documents our datasets for anycast enumeration. Our datasets are available upon request.

We have several anycast-related datasets:

Anycast Enumeration

The methods and analysis of the datasets can be found at the following papers:

[1] [2] [3]

We have a web page documenting our view of Root Anycast servers as of May 2014.

The datasets we generated are:

Another dataset we used is generated by the ICSI Netalyzr. Because we did not generate this dataset, we cannot redistribute it, without permission from ICSI.

For the detail formats of each dataset, please refer to the corresponding README file at our dataset list page.

Evaluation of the 2016-11-30 Events on Root DNS Anycast

Datasets related to our analysis of the events of Nov. 30 on the Root DNS system in the following papers:

(missing reference)

These are the datasets:

This data is derived from RIPE Atlas, with incorrect Vantage Point data removed and additional data added (for example, mapping CHAOS strings to service and airport code).

Anycast Latency

Datasets related to our analysis of anycast latency were presented in the following papers, talks, and technical reports:

[1] [2] [3]

These are the datasets:

Latency data is derived from RIPE Atlas. CHAOS mapping data for this paper was generated by hand.